Chris Hemsworth shares throwback photo of the lucious wig from his first-ever acting gig

For man fans of the Marvel movies, it’s fun to take a peek behind the curtain at some of the franchise’s stars to see what they were like earlier on in their career.

Chris Hemsworth’s newest throwback Thursday post on Instagram, we’re being treated with an image from simpler times, when the actor donned a wig for his first-ever acting gig that isn’t exactly Thor’s look.

“When I first put this beautiful wig on, I knew one of two things would happen, I’d be forced to grow my hair out and dye it red due to massive public fanfare or I’d never work again,” Hemsworth joked. “Neither was true. Life’s funny that way.”

It’s interesting to think the actor who went on to play the Norse God of Thunder, Thor, started out playing King Arthur, a mighty hero of antiquity in his own right.

According to what we could gather from IMDB, The screen capture in question hails from the 2002 TV series Guinevere Jones, starring Tamara Hope, where Hemsworth guest-starred as the knight of legend in two episodes.

While getting to play the legendary ruler of Britain whose knights of the round table inspired generations since time immemorial is cool and all, getting to ditch the ginger wig and go au naturel with his hairdo for the magical hammer-toting Thor definitely counts as a glow up in our books.

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