Watch: Chris Hemsworth Shows Off His Super Strength In Thor: Love And Thunder Training Video

Chris Hemsworth

We often talk about how hard actors work to get into shape ahead of filming a Marvel movie, but we sometimes forget that they have to remain at their peak fitness level for the duration of the shoot, too. Take Chris Hemsworth, for instance, who’s currently busy with Thor: Love and Thunder in his native Australia and has now shared an astonishing video of himself hitting the gym which may just prove that he’s an Asgardian god IRL.

In the clip, Hemsworth pulls the full training rig – which his personal trainer, Luke Zocchi, is sitting on – towards him and then pushes it back the whole way as well. And, just to show off, he does it all over again. In his caption, the actor jokingly calls Zocchi “the world’s laziest trainer.”

Hemsworth’s stunt double Bobby Holland Hanton has previously revealed that the MCU star is currently “the biggest Thor he’s ever been,” with Hanton admitting that it’s been challenging to make sure he’s the same size. For most of us, getting into shape isn’t the most fun of activities, but Hemsworth recently opened up about how much he loves to keep fit, admitting that for him, “everything starts to hurt” when he stops working out.


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In other words, don’t expect a return for Fat Thor from Avengers: Endgame in Love and Thunder, as it looks like the Asgardian has worked off those extra pounds he gained during The Blip. He’ll still be hanging around with the Guardians of the Galaxy when the movie opens, though, as Chris Pratt, Karen Gillan and others have been spotted on set. Leaked pics have also given us a glimpse at Thor’s sharp new wardrobe.

Thor: Love and Thunder, starring Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman as the newly empowered Jane Foster and Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie, is on course to smash into cinemas next May.