Chris Hemsworth Wants A Superman Vs. Thor Fight


If the end of Avengers: Endgame told us anything, it was that Thor’s story isn’t over yet. By the time the three-hour epic finished up, the God of Thunder, chubby and hairy, had found himself amongst the Guardians of the Galaxy. And though the film didn’t explicitly say as much, the message seemed to be that Chris Hemsworth’s fan favorite hero will be joining Star-Lord and co. on their next adventure.

In fact, reports in the real world have also announced Hemsworth’s return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But it looks like the Australian-bred actor has another crossover on his mind. And it’s not one that involves any other MCU heroes. Instead, Chris has his eye on Superman, with the star recently taking to Instagram to share a photo teasing a Thor vs. Man of Steel fight, sending fanboys into a frenzy in the process.

Obviously, Marvel and DC aren’t about to make this happen, but it’s fun to consider regardless. After all, we’ve seen this very fight go down in the comics. Back in 2003, there was a big crossover event where Supes and the God of Thunder squared off, with Clark Kent even wielding Mjolnir at one point – but only because Thor gives him permission.

In any case, even without a fight against Superman on the cards, it’s not like Hemsworth will have any trouble finding more fun-loving action franchises to be a part of beyond the MCU. After all, Men in Black International is kind of like a Thor: Ragnarok sidequel, as it sees him once again working with Tessa Thompson to battle some aliens.

But of course, what fans really want is a proper Thor 4, and though it remains to be seen if we’ll get that – or even the God of Thunder in Guardians Vol. 3 – something tells us Marvel isn’t about to part ways with Chris Hemsworth just yet.