Chris Hemsworth’s Thor May Return After Love And Thunder

Thor 4

Taika Waititi was an interesting choice of director to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with the New Zealand filmmaker being put in charge of one of the franchise’s marquee characters and tasked with totally reinventing him in Thor: Ragnarok. The God of Thunder’s solo films weren’t exactly many people’s favorite MCU movies, but in Waititi’s hands, Chris Hemsworth was given a new lease of life and the aforementioned threequel succeeded in bringing us a new and very much improved Thor.

Bringing with him plenty of improvisation and a heavy dose of slapstick comedy, Waititi turned Ragnarok into the closest thing that the MCU has to an out-and-out comedy and understandably, folks can’t wait for his return in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder. But something else that’s got plenty of people excited about the movie is that it’ll also see Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster become the Mighty Thor, with Chris Hemsworth’s version of the hero set to pass the mantle as Marvel makes way for a new roster of heroes in its franchise.

But does this mean Hemsworth and his portrayal of Thor will be gone from the MCU after Love and Thunder? Well, maybe not, as sources close to WGTC – the same ones who told us a She-Hulk show was happening and that WandaVision will introduce Wiccan, both of which we now know to be true – say that Marvel plans to keep the door open for Hemsworth to return at some point. It wouldn’t be anytime soon, but from what we understand, it’s likely that he’d be back in some capacity down the road.

Presumably, this means Thor won’t end up being killed off or sacrificing himself or anything of the sort in Love and Thunder, and will instead just pass the mantle onto Jane and accept some kind of peaceful retirement. Or maybe he’ll just go back to being Fat Thor and continue playing Fortnite with Noobmaster69?

In any case, we probably won’t know for a while yet, as Thor: Love and Thunder won’t be with us until November of 2021. But as one of the MCU’s most anticipated Phase 4 movies, if not the most anticipated, you can bet it’ll be worth the wait.