Wonder Woman 1984

Chris Pine Has A Very Important Role In Wonder Woman 1984

According to Patty Jenkins, Chris Pine will have a very important role to play in Wonder Woman 1984, though we don't yet know what it'll be.

She’s already witnessed The Great War and basked in the relaxed ambiance of Themyscira, but for her next adventure, Diana Prince is headed for uncharted territory: the 1980s.

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Welcome to Wonder Woman 1984, WB’s much anticipated sequel which is currently filming across parts of Washington D.C. with Chris Pine in tow. Yes, against all odds, Steve Trevor somehow lives, though writer-director Patty Jenkins has yet to offer an explanation for his shocking return and, frankly, we’re quite alright with that, as she’s likely fighting to keep spoilers at bay – even if fans have already come up with all sorts of theories of their own.

And while they continue to work out how exactly Pine’s character might be amongst the living again, we can at least confirm that the actor will have an important role in the sequel. That news comes to us from Jenkins herself, who revealed as much at Comic-Con last month. And though she wouldn’t spill anything else, we can take her comments to mean that Trevor won’t just be showing up for a quick cameo in a flashback or something of the sort.

After all, having him return from the dead isn’t too outside the realm of possibility, as any comic book fan will tell you that Trevor’s died multiple times in the source material. In Wonder Woman #180, for example he was killed at the hands of Doctor Cyber, after Diana sacrificed her god-like abilities in order to be with her muse. He then returned eight years later, replete with a new name: Steve Howard.

In Wonder Woman #322, meanwhile, – an issue published in 1984, no less – Aphrodite implants the character’s memories into a new Steve Trevor from another Earth-like world, essentially bringing the old Steve back to life.

Take from that what you will, but it’s looking increasingly likely that Wonder Woman 1984 will feature the real Steve Trevor when it lights up theaters on November 1st, 2019, and he’ll seemingly have a very important role in the story.

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