Chris Pine wanted his new action movie to be as authentic as possible

the contractor

Chris Pine’s latest endeavor, titled The Contractor, is almost here. The action-thriller will feature the actor taking on the role of Special Agent James Harper, who is involuntarily discharged from the United States Army Special Forces. Struggling to pay his bills and make ends meet, he joins a private military organization with his best friend. 

While Pine is no stranger to action films, he wanted this role to be his most authentic one yet. In a conversation with MovieWeb, he spoke on the aspects of reality that make way into the movie, as well as the inputs he and the rest of the crew received from a former Special Forces soldier.

Working with Bert [Kuntz, a former US Army Special Forces Green Beret] was great… Bert was pivotal in looking through the script and making sure that certain things played right. For instance… [a] scene in the beginning of the film was originally written with a lot of pathos and emotion. And he called bull on that and said, ‘they’d probably be talking [expletive] about the guy, making fun of them.’ And so we did that… He said it was, in fact, directly in line with how these guys would work… He worked with us physically to make sure that when we were working together as a team, out in the field, it looked like we knew what we were doing and moving right.

The Contractor marks Swedish director Tarik Saleh’s English language film debut, and rounding out the main cast are Ben Foster, Gillian Jacobs, Eddie Marsan, Florian Munteanu, and Kiefer Sutherland. The film is scheduled to be released on April 1 in theaters and will be available on Paramount Plus later in the year.