Chris Pratt can’t seem to decide if ‘Jurassic World Dominion’ is the end of the franchise

chris pratt jurassic world dominion
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It was co-writer and director Colin Trevorrow who first hinted that next month’s Jurassic World Dominion would mark the end of the franchise, and it would be a fitting place for the blockbuster series to bow out.

We’ve gotten two trilogies out of the concept that range from classic to so-so, with the sixth and potentially final installment uniting the Park and World crews for an all-star epic that’s ideally placed to tie a neat bow around the ongoing adventures of dinosaurs trying to reclaim their place at the top of the food chain.

Of course, the billions of dollars the movies bring in would have Universal wary of giving up on such a lucrative cash cow, and now the stars can’t even make their own minds up. Having previously referred to Dominion as the end of the road, Chris Pratt ended up backtracking on his own words during an interview with ComicBook.

“I mean, I guess it would probably… possibly? You’d want to leave it open to that possibility. You look at… There aren’t a ton of comps for this kind of a thing. I think maybe Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame is a similar comp because you’ve got whatever that was… 10 years, 20-something films. All of these characters each had their own stories, their own trilogies, coming together. And you’re like, ‘This is wild.’ You’ve seen these worlds collide. It feels the same way.

You’ve got the Jurassic Park trilogy. You’ve got the Jurassic World trilogy, and it’s this big epic conclusion. Now, at the end of Avengers … They’ve continued to make these Marvel films, but that does feel like a phase that is over. It’s rolled over into a new phase, you know? And of course, Marvel continues to do great things. I feel like it seems, it makes sense that Jurassic would continue to tell great stories, but I think Iron Man’s gone.” Pratt joked, “And I guess I would be Hulk. Maybe.”

This isn’t the first time Pratt has compared Jurassic World Dominion to Avengers: Endgame, so maybe we’re just entering a new phase of prehistoric shenanigans. Or maybe it really is the end. After all, if he’s not sure, how the hell are we supposed to know?

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