Chris Pratt Explains Why He Won’t Do Arnold Schwarzenegger Impressions

arnold schwarzenegger

Any self-respecting movie fan has probably done at least a handful of Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions in their lifetime, which is perfectly acceptable and completely understandable when you consider the sheer volume of iconic one-liners the veteran action star has dropped onscreen during his long and illustrious career. These simply don’t sound the same unless you hear them in his instantly recognizable accent.

Chris Pratt has more than likely quoted the Terminator star behind closed doors at some point during his 42 years of existence, but you can bet he won’t be doing so now that he’s married into the family. The Guardians of the Galaxy actor wed Schwarzenegger’s daughter Katherine a couple of years ago, making him part of two powerful clans given that his father-in-law is the former Governor of California and his mother-in-law is a member of the Kennedy dynasty.

In a new interview to promote Amazon’s upcoming blockbuster The Tomorrow War, Pratt revealed that Arnold praised the story for being a simple father and daughter tale wrapped up in the trappings of big budget sci-fi. However, when the person asking the questions tried to goad him into mimicking the signature Schwarzenegger brogue, Pratt was having none of it.

“Yeah, that’s right, but you won’t catch me saying that on-camera. Because I am going to see him for dinner on Sunday. And if he says ‘Hey, I saw the interview where you did an impression of me’, it might not work so well.”

As we’ve seen on numerous occasions dating back decades, Arnold Schwarzenegger is hardly above the idea of poking fun at either himself or his back catalogue of action movies and even uses some of his most famous roles to promote good causes or his latest line of merch. Chris Pratt clearly has too much respect for his wife’s dad to do impressions in public. Of course, it could be an entirely different story at family gatherings, but we’ll never know for sure.