Chris Pratt Shares Insights On Guardians Vol. 3’s First Day Filming

Movie star Chris Pratt, star of countless action movies as well as several high-profile upcoming animated movies, shared a photo of day 1 filming the upcoming film Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Pratt appeared with costars like Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, and director James Gunn.

The actors and director were holding what looked like scripts, and actor Will Poulter also conspicuously appeared in the photo. Poulter will be portraying Adam Warlock in the upcoming movie. While Gunn shared the photo himself earlier today while confirming Peacemaker actor Chuckwudi Iwuji was joining the cast, Pratt added by sharing how he felt after the first day of filming.

“Day 1 in the can. Honestly could not have started off better. Hit the ground running with a delicate, emotional, funny, wild, complicated scene and everyone absolutely killed. So grateful to be puppeteered by my friend and brother the mad genius @jamesgunn Oh My God I promise you… this movie will be worth the wait.”

Pratt, who has more than 30 million followers on the platform, has fallen out of public favor in some circles of the internet lately.

In a much-maligned previous Instagram post, the actor posted about his new wife and his “healthy” new daughter. The post caused an uproar over his comments because Pratt has a child with developmental issues with his previous wife Anna Faris.

Pratt referenced the backlash in a series of Instagram Stories, according to

“I went to bed last night really kind of upset and depressed,” Pratt said in his Instagram Story. “And I woke up feeling crappy and I didn’t want to work out.”

However, instead of apologizing, Pratt instead said he listened to worship music and exercised and then felt better.

“I knew though that if I put on my Christian music playlist, and I got out of the woods and ran that I’d feel better, but I just didn’t want to,” he said. “And I did it anyways and, gosh, was I right. It felt amazing. I got out of the woods, got my blood pumping.”

We’ll have to see if he’s listening to a lot more tunes to destress if Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3. filming gets tougher in the coming days.