#RIPChrisPratt Trends As The Internet Tries To Cancel Him Again

Chris Pratt

When Chris Pratt found himself as one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe stars who didn’t participate in a virtual fundraiser for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign last year, Twitter used it to try and cancel him, calling the actor a conservative Republican homophobic racist. Quite how those dots were connected, however, is still unclear.

But someone has to take on the burden of being the worst Chris in Hollywood, and it seems that duty has fallen onto Pratt’s shoulders. After all, Chrises Hemsworth, Evans and Pine can do no wrong in the eyes of many, while the former Parks and Recreation star is constantly finding himself facing the wrath of Twitter, which is something that looks to continue for a while yet as #RIPChrisPratt has been trending today on the social media site.

Yes, the hashtag is trending in the United States right now, with over 10,000 Tweets using it. They range from people legitimately calling for Hollywood to cancel him to those just getting in on the fun and making some light-hearted jokes.

It doesn’t seem like the actor has done anything wrong, though, and this appears to be more just a case of his haters rallying against him once more and bringing up some of his past actions/comments now that he’s back in the spotlight, what with Thor: Love and Thunder currently shooting and Pratt showing up in some recent set photos.

In any case, this obviously won’t have any impact on his career prospects, as he’s set to be a fixture of the MCU for a long time to come and also has a whole host of high profile projects on his slate that’ll be with us soon. Indeed, Chris Pratt isn’t going anywhere, no matter how hard Twitter tries to push him out of Hollywood.