Christian Bale Could Play The Villain In Spike Lee’s Oldboy

Christian Bale, who just finished filming The Dark Knight Rises in Pittsburgh, might have yet another project to add to his plate: Spike Lee‘s Oldboy. Variety is reporting that it’s quite likely that Bale will play the villain in the film. Oldboy is just one of the potential Bale-films as other options include Clint Eastwood‘s A Star Is Born, Michael Mann‘s Gold, and Darren Aronofsky‘s Noah.

The actor, who may be most famous for playing Bruce Wayne in the Christopher Nolan Batman films, has been setting the screen on fire for years, in roles ranging from American Pyscho to The Fighter, for which he just won an Academy Award. It’s no surprise that at this point, every role he considers will be in a film with serious potential for critical acclaim and/or commercial success.

Variety claims that Bale probably won’t officially take any roles until he’s all finished with The Dark Knight Rises, and that he isn’t necessarily the frontrunner for any of these.

But come on, he has to be the frontrunner for at least a couple, and hopefully one of them is Oldboy. Bale would be great for the film. It’s not like he would shy away from such an intense picture either.

What do you think, would Christian Bale be a good choice for Oldboy?