The Dark Knight Rises Set Photos Reveal Batman’s New Wheels

Today we have more leaks and sneak peeks of upcoming The Dark Knight Rises, thanks to a photo tweet from Ross Petrocelli. For those of you who don’t want to know anything more about the much buzzed about Batman sequel starring Christian Bale and directed by franchise king Christopher Nolan, look away now. The photo reveals Batman’s new vehicle which may have wheels as well as wings.

Production is underway in Pittsburgh now, and this new photo shows what appears to be a brand new addition to Batman’s vehicular arsenal being towed into the Wabash Tunnel. The picture shows a vehicle that resembles the Tumbler (Batman’s ultra-sleek wheels from The Dark Knight), but has what looks like wings too.

This probably means it can do a bit of everything, and we’d expect nothing less of Batman’s well-financed and cutting-edge toys. The Tumbler is returning for this final installment in the Batman trilogy, and I’m eager to find out what new jaw-dropping technology they’ll parade out for our amusement and delight.

This photo is one of many sneak peeks and set photos that have leaked over the last few weeks. We’ve seen everything from the Tumbler and Batpod, to the cast and crew in Heinz Field, to looks at Anne Hathaway as Catwoman and peeks of her costume, even plot reveals. I’m wondering if there will still be any mystery left when The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters on July 20, 2012.

What do you think? And does this new vehicle impress?