Christopher Lloyd Wants To Make Back To The Future 4


While there’ve been a lot of ’80s reboots and sequels, the Back to the Future franchise has remained pretty untouchable up to now. Give or take some jokey adverts and DVD features, as well as a great Telltale Games series, the prospect of the property having an official continuation has been shot down in the past by both producer Frank Marshall and director Robert Zemeckis. However, Christopher Lloyd has now given some hope to fans of the series by showing enthusiasm for a fourth movie, as well as ideas for plot lines.

Speaking at the ACE Comic Con in Seattle, Lloyd was asked whether he’d return to his most iconic role as Doc Brown. He was enthusiastic but cagey, commenting as so:

“That’s a tricky, tricky deal. Because you don’t want to do another one and disappoint. So I don’t know. I’d be happy to, for myself. But we’ll see.”

Back to the Future

If there was a fourth Back to the Future, Lloyd said he would want the film to tackle contemporary issues, whereby:

“I think somehow it needs to kind of convey a message about something that’s important to everyone, universally, like climate change. Some way of incorporating whatever fever is going on at the moment into the film and keep the feeling of one, two and three.”

To be honest, we’re not sure if a new Back to the Future is a great idea, even with Lloyd’s involvement. After all, there was similar enthusiasm for Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, and that didn’t turn out too well. As fun as it can be to update 1980s classics, including the new Child’s Play and the upcoming RoboCop Returns (to name a few), it’d be a shame to see Back to the Future‘s legacy tarnished with an unnecessary sequel.

What do you think, though? Would you welcome another journey in the DeLorean? As ever, share your thoughts and theories below on what that movie could look like.

Source: EpicStream