Christopher McQuarrie Still Waiting For The Call To Direct A Superman Movie


Mission: Impossible – Fallout‘s Christopher McQuarrie has long been a top contender to direct a potential second solo Superman movie starring Henry Cavill, who he worked with on the aforementioned Tom Cruise actioner. The director’s been open about how he’d be interested in taking the project, too, so it’s a matter of frustration to DC fans that Warner Bros. hasn’t got on the phone to the talented filmmaker yet.

Now, once again, McQuarrie has said he’s still waiting for some contact from WB. When a fan asked him if he was still up for making a DC movie on Twitter, the director replied in the affirmative. Thor and X-Men: First Class screenwriter Zack Stentz then dropped McQuarrie a line to ask if he could write the script for an adaptation of Grant Morrison’s seminal All-Star Superman comic book. The two appeared to make a pact, as McQuarrie replied that he’d get in touch with Stentz if and when he spoke to WB.

So, Warner Bros., here you have an accomplished director and a highly experienced writer of popular superhero movies hatching a plan to make a film based on one of the best Superman stories ever created. Why not get the ball rolling on another Man of Steel film at last?

Unfortunately, we’re not sure what exactly’s going on behind the scenes at the moment. One worrying report stated that Henry Cavill was out the door as Big Blue. It’s hard to work out if this is true or not, though, as a bevy of vague responses from WB, Cavill’s manager and the man himself came out after that. Still, the huge outpouring of despair that the news was met with on social media proves that the world’s interested in more from this version of Superman.

While we wait for the situation to get sorted out, WB’s apparently fast-tracking a Supergirl movie set in the 1970s and featuring Brainiac. That’s all well and good, and sounds like a treat itself, but let’s not forget about the Last Son of Krypton himself for long.