Could Christopher Nolan Be Eyeing Marvel’s Silver Surfer Movie?

Silver Surfer

As one of the most consistently acclaimed and commercially successful filmmakers of the modern era, Christopher Nolan occupies the same sort of rarefied air that only a select few directors ever reach. He’s up there with the Steven Spielbergs and Martin Scorseses of the industry, who can get any project green lit based almost entirely on the strength of their name alone, while still managing to retain almost complete creative control.

Nolan’s last six movies dating back to The Dark Knight have combined to earn close to $4.5 billion at the box office, win ten Academy Awards from 31 nominations and receive widespread praise from critics, making him one of cinema’s premiere auteurs. However, after the widely-publicized discontent at how Tenet was handled last summer, which was compounded by his criticism of the HBO Max hybrid strategy, there’s been speculation that he’s ended his longtime association with the studio, and could be looking for a new home.

Rumors have since snowballed over the last couple of days, with talk now making the rounds that he’s eying the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Silver Surfer. How did we get to this point so quickly? Well, a report claimed earlier this week that Nolan was in talks to helm an MCU movie, which hasn’t been corroborated as of yet, with tipster Mikey Sutton latching on to the story and gauging that Silver Surfer would be best suited to cater to his particular interests.

That’s hardly a confirmation that talks are even happening, never mind that Silver Surfer is the title to bring Nolan to Marvel Studios when it’s not even been announced for active development, but it’s still a fascinating prospect to mull over until we get some facts.