Claustrophobic New Trailer For Fede Alvarez Thriller Don’t Breathe Surfaces

Three years since filmmaker Fede Alvarez divided audiences with his breathless remake of The Evil Dead, and now the Uruguayan director is back behind the lens for Don’t Breathe, a new and claustrophobic thriller starring Goosebumps breakout Dylan Minnette.

Entertainment Weekly premiered the sizzle reel for the taut and, ahem, breathless thriller earlier today and it sees a group of scheming friends tee up plans to infiltrate and loot the home of a wealthy blind man. It has all the makings for a seemingly foolproof heist, though as today’s trailer teases, that plan begins to unravel – and fast.

Also starring Jane Levy, Daniel Zovatto (It Follows) and Stephen Lang, EW spoke to Alvarez during South By Southwest earlier this year, where the director touched base on the creative process shared between him and co-writer Rodo Sayagues.

“That’s never something that crossed my mind to say, that [Evil Dead] was a personal film,” Alvarez said. “With a film like [Don’t Breathe], one that came out of a blank page after I sat down and thought about what story to tell — and it came from me and my co-writer [Rodo Sayagues] — it’s easier to feel ownership with that from a creative standpoint.”

Don’t Breathe will bow in theaters on August 26. For our thoughts of Alvarez’s pulse-pounding thriller, check out Matt Donato’s review coming out of SXSW 2016, while there’s also an exclusive interview with co-stars Daniel Zovatto and Dylan Minnette to be read.

The international trailer, on the other hand, offers up some additional footage and can be viewed below.