The Joker’s On The Run In New Set Photos


Joaquin Phoenix has somewhere that he urgently needs to be in these new Joker set photos, which feature a green-wigged Arthur Fleck charging down the streets of New York through a sea of curious onlookers.

We’ve lately been privy to quite a few images of the star in a clown outfit that’s notably different from his eventual Clown Prince of Crime look. Yesterday, for instance, we saw pics of Phoenix holding up a sign reading “Everything Must Go!!” while the people of Gotham City walked by indifferently, implying that this flamboyant costume is the uniform for his day job. With that in mind, these latest photos could be taken from a scene where Arthur’s late for work, though it could also be something more serious. It’s kind of hard to tell what sort of mood the guy’s in under all that make-up.

Most of the images of Phoenix in this colorful outfit have shown him to be full of energy – whether he’s rushing to a destination or letting the public know about a sale going on – but an earlier video showed the future villain in a moment of quiet sorrow, as the uniformed character breaks down crying in a phone booth.

On the bright side, it’s clear that Arthur makes a lot of friends somewhere down the line, with previous set pics featuring Phoenix in a more traditional Joker getup and earning the support of cheering crowds. His supporters, many of whom are dressed as clowns themselves, have been seen holding up some signs of their own, bearing politically charged slogans like “Clown4Mayor” and “Kill the Rich,” suggesting that this character could become a hero of sorts to the underprivileged people of Gotham.

We’ll see how Arthur makes his reputation and what he does with his newfound influence over the masses when Joker comes out on October 4th, 2019.

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