Here’s How Colin Farrell Could Look As The Batman’s Penguin

The Penguin

Colin Farrell will become cinema’s third Penguin when he takes on the role in The Batman. Official photos of him in character have yet to be released, so for now, it’s up to the internet’s creatives to give us an impression of how he could look.

This new fan art from Will Gray does just that, in fact. Seen below, it shows us how the actor might appear in the role and we must say, it’s a rather impressive piece.

Gray’s got some form when it comes to Farrell’s Penguin, and you can click here for another, markedly different design. That one gave him the nasty edge of a cockney gangster, whereas this has a much more theatrical bent. I’m looking forward to the real thing, though, if only so I can stop rehashing the same question as to which direction Matt Reeves is going to take – will it be realism, or will it be fantasy?

The DC FanDome event this Saturday could be the moment we get substantial material for the first time. So far, we’ve had a look at Robert Pattinson’s Batmobile (sleek but flimsy), a tiny tease of his Batsuit (flimsy but sleek), and some unofficial set stills that look rather daft out of context.

Admittedly, there are good reasons why authorized photography has been thin on the ground. The project suffered years of delays and then finally started filming in January, only for a global pandemic to wreck it two months in. Thankfully, shooting is back underway now, but boy has The Batman had some bad luck. It better be worth the effort it’s taken to make it, and the wait fans have had to endure to see it. October 1st, 2021 is the date we’ve all got in our diaries.