Colin Trevorrow Begins Early Work On Star Wars: Episode IX


Colin Trevorrow’s breakneck rise to the top of studios’ wishlists was exemplified when Lucasfilm announced at Disney D23 that he would helm Star Wars: Episode IX. A clear frontrunner for the part, he was long rumored for the gig, something Trevorrow never once outright denied, instead fielding questions with reverence towards George Lucas’ sci-fi franchise.

While there’s several years before his finished product hits the screens, that movie magic has to start somewhere. Today, Trevorrow’s journey on the road to galaxy greatness begins with a simple Tweet:

Hardly a big giveaway in terms of what to expect from the movie, the image – of a journal with an embossed Lucasfilm logo – is more of a placemarker than anything. Think of it as a reminder of where Trevorrow has been (one small indie, one giant blockbuster) and where he’s destined to go (more giant blockbusters).

Due in 2019 Trevorrow’s as-yet untitled third chapter closes out the trilogy that commences this December with J.J. Abrams’ The Force Awakens. Sandwiched between the two is Rian Johnson’s Episode VIII, due to arrive in May 2017.