Collide Trailer Is Heavy On Action, Light On Story


One of the many projects caught amidst the maelstrom that is Relativity’s bankruptcy is Eran Creevy’s (Welcome to the Punch) action vehicle Collide. Indeed, the jury’s still out on when we’ll get to see the director’s bombastic feature in theaters, with a distributor yet to swoop in to pick up the rights for the film – and going off today’s first trailer, we’re not too surprised.

Harsh though that may be, Creevy’s Collide‘s first clip is a mish-mash of action genre tropes blended into one semi-coherent whole. Starring Mad Max: Fury Road and Kill Your Friends alum Nicholas Hoult, the heist thriller has him play Casey Stein, a rookie thief who finds himself in deep with the sharks when a routine smash-and-grab spirals out of control.

On the run and seeking cover, Casey makes a desperate, last-ditch attempt to contact his former employer to ensure that his girlfriend remains out of harm’s way. Things don’t go as planned – surprise! – and Collide soon morphs into a chase film where Casey must rescue his wayward love. Like we said, hardly an Oscar contender.

Joining Hoult for Collide are Felicity Jones, Ben Kingsley and Anthony Hopkins. No word yet on a release window, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

After a heist goes terribly wrong, Casey Stein (Hoult) finds himself on the run from a ruthless gang headed by mob boss Hagen (Hopkins). Now Casey has precious cargo that belongs to Hagen, who will stop at nothing to retrieve it. Left with no choice, Casey calls his former employer and drug smuggler Geran (Kingsley) to protect his long-time girlfriend Juliette (Jones) before Hagen gets his hands on her. Casey sets out on an adrenaline-fueled car chase on the German highways to save the love of his life.