Comedian Kevin Hart Suffers Serious Injuries After Car Crash

Kevin Hart

Comedian Kevin Hart was involved in a serious car crash early on Sunday morning in Malibu Hills, California. The incident reportedly left the actor with several major injuries which are currently being treated at a nearby hospital. From what we understand, the Plymouth Barracuda belonging to the 40-year-old ended up in a ditch after veering off of the famed Mulholland Highway.

Hart was not behind the wheel when the accident happened, though both he and the driver suffered “major back injuries.” A third person was also in the vehicle, but thankfully didn’t require hospital treatment. It seems like the driver wasn’t under the influence either, meaning that this might’ve just been a freak occurrence or a case of reckless driving.

The Plymouth Barracuda was found about ten feet away from the road in a steep gully and as you can see below, the car looks like it crashed through a wooden fence next to the highway and suffered severe damage on the way off of the road. Its roof has been completely caved in, too, which is likely the result of Hart and his friend’s injuries.

Apparently, the actor was able to exit the wreckage himself following the crash and was then picked up by his personal security team. He was taken home to be treated there before his people ultimately decided to transport him to the hospital, where he remains for now.

Unfortunately, it’s still unclear how long he’ll be hospitalized for or when he’s expected to be back on his feet, but we wish Kevin Hart nothing but a speedy recovery and sincerely hope that he’ll be back on screen making us all laugh again before long.