Explaining Black Widow’s New White Suit And Its Comic Origins


At last, the trailer for Black Widow dropped earlier this morning, granting us our first look at Scarlett Johansson’s long-awaited solo movie as Natasha Romanoff. It’s definitely got fans extremely hyped for next May, but one scene in particular seems to have stolen the thunder. The clip in question features the super-spy jumping out of a helicopter and making a classic superhero landing on a bridge, right in the middle of some goons and while sporting a brand new outfit.

Folks were instantly smitten with Nat’s new threads, so it seems worth digging up the origin of the costume in the comics. Seeing as her name is Black Widow, the former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent can typically be found in an all-black outfit, given that that’s most conducive to spying and remaining inconspicuous. However, when she finds herself in snowy environments, a different shade of suit is called for. And as you can see above, Nat is surrounded by a winter landscape in this particular scene.

The same is true of the comic book version of the costume, too. The white suit actually only debuted in 2010’s Black Widow: Deadly Origin, released to coincide with the character’s MCU introduction in Iron Man 2. The story sees Natasha discovering a conspiracy to kill everyone she’s ever been close to – including Hawkeye. The culprits are a shady group known as the Icepick Protocols and while tailing them, she ended up in the frozen wastelands of Russia. Hence the need for the white suit.

Given that the look is directly borrowed from the source material, then, this might just tell us that Deadly Origin is a partial influence on the plot of the movie. Like the comic arc, Black Widow will also see Nat pulling on the threads of a mystery that leads to her having to face her past. As such, Deadly Origin may prove to be useful prep material to read before watching the film come May 1st.

Source: ScreenRant