Comic readers are collectively warning MCU fans not to expect cameos and crossovers aplenty in ‘Secret Wars’

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There are few who look towards the future quite as frequently as fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe; those who follow the Marvel Studios world even remotely know that crossovers and interconnectedness are the names of the game.

Twitter recently lit up with talks of how Marvel Studios may tackle its Secret Wars adaptation, despite many claiming that it will be years before Marvel has established enough characters and parameters to begin telling such a story. Naturally, MCU fans were quick to daydream about the multitude of characters that could be appearing for such a project.

But those familiar with the Secret Wars comic line warned Twitter to not expect a big crossover event for Secret Wars, despite the length of time it will still take to set up.

The most recent Secret Wars comic event was released in 2016 as a nine-issue story arc centering around the destruction of the multiverse, the concept of which has only briefly been touched on in the MCU. More importantly, however, the story at its core is a close examination of the relationship between Reed Richards (aka Mister Fantastic), and quintessential Marvel villain Doctor Doom. And although other heroes do feature in the story, it seems they largely take a backseat to the confrontation between the two previously mentioned characters.

It’s hard to say for sure what the adaptation will look like, especially given how the original run of Secret Wars back in the 1980s had much more of a focus on its status as a crossover event, to say nothing of how the MCU isn’t afraid to take creative liberties that diverge from the comics; one just has to look at Kamala Khan’s powers in the upcoming Ms. Marvel to be reminded of that.

Nevertheless, it seems like quite a bit of time will need to pass before Marvel Studios will be ready to introduce us to Secret Wars, so, for the time being, it may be wiser to indulge in all the great stories it has to tell rather than concerning ourselves with the continuity of it all.

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