Completely Original Star Trek Movie Rumored To Be In The Works

Star Trek Beyond

After an extended period of uncertainty, we now officially have two Star Trek feature films in the works, with one appearing to be much further along in the development process than the other. WandaVision director Matt Shakman was recently tasked to helm a new blockbuster working from a script by Lindsey Beer and Geneva Robertson-Dworet.

Production is penciled in to begin early next year, so it stands to reason that Shakman’s Trek will be the project confirmed for a June 2023 release date before any talent was officially attached on either side of the camera. In fact, there still isn’t a cast in place, although rumors are pointing in the direction of Chris Pine and the Kelvin crew getting back together for their fourth outing, even if none of them have been locked down as of yet.

The second film is the one being penned by Discovery‘s Kalinda Vasquez, but we haven’t heard a peep out of that since it was first announced. However, a new rumor claims that another Star Trek movie based on a completely original concept with all-new characters is in the works at Paramount, but that’s pretty much all of the details, so it’s not made clear whether or not it’s Vasquez’s effort or a third and completely unrelated feature.

Given how vague the details are, not to mention the report acting as though the Kelvin crew’s contracts are a done deal, which is far from the case as things currently stand, there’s hardly a huge amount of information to go on other than speculative claims we’re getting deluged by Star Trek on both the big and small screens. Previous rumors from elsewhere touted that there were as many as five movies on the docket, but so far only two have been confirmed.