Paramount Reportedly Developing 5 New Star Trek Movies

Star Trek Beyond

For the most part, Star Trek has always been about exploring and examining humanity, with a futuristic sci-fi lens. Indeed, the many films and TV series have brought us tons of social and societal subtext, even when they were dealing with epic battles between various alien races.

Now, with the recent launch of Paramount+, audiences are in store for more Trek than ever, with the platform hoping to bring us a new show every quarter. On the big screen, meanwhile, future adventures for the Enterprise crew remain a bit murkier, and things got even more unclear when J.J. Abrams was announced to be producing a new movie that isn’t believed to be Star Trek 4.

Paramount have yet to map out exactly what the feature-length arm of the franchise is planning, but insider Daniel Richtman is claiming this weekend that the studio are now developing 5 different Trek films. Though unfortunately, he offers no further details.

Presumably, one of these is the aforementioned Abrams project, while another could be the next mainline entry aka Star Trek 4. We may even get lucky and find out that Quentin Tarantino’s pitch is still in play, too. Either way, it’s clear that Paramount haven’t given up on feature-length outings for the brand and though all 5 of these pics may not actually get off the ground, it’s encouraging to hear that the studio is actively working on bringing us more films. Let’s just hope we get additional info soon.

Tell us, though, what are you hoping to see from the future of Star Trek when it comes to the movies? As always, let us know down below and watch this space for further updates.