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Composite of Joker’s full face from cut ‘The Batman’ scene is terrifying

Barry Keoghan is equal parts terrifying and nauseating as the Joker in the latest deleted scene in 'The Batman'.

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Now that we’ve gotten our first taste of that cut Joker scene from The Batman, the rather quick shot of Barry Keoghan’s face in the scene is something many fans are trying to piece together.

Earlier today, Warner Bros. released the deleted scene, which was later teased by director Matt Reeves. Almost the whole scene — a Silence of the Lambs-esque interrogation where Robert Pattinson’s Batman tries to get insight from Joker about Paul Dano’s Riddler — features Keoghan being completely out of focus.

However, near the end of the clip, the actor’s face finally comes into focus, but it happens in a quick camera tilt, meaning the camera only had a small portion of his face in the frame at once.

Luckily, somebody on Reddit took the initiative to composite the individual frames so we get Keoghan’s entire face in one single frame. Check out the post by the user u/TheProdigalMaverick on the r/DC_Cinematic subreddit.

We weren’t so sure a Joker tease was necessary when we first watched his cameo in The Batman. What’s more, Joaquin Phoenix’s stunning turn in 2019’s Joker made us even more hesitant for a re-interpretation of the character by another actor.

However, after seeing the deleted scene, we now admit Keoghan seems legit terrifying in the role and we’re excited to see more.

We’ll also be getting to explore more of the Riddler, the main villain in The Batman, due to actor Dano penning an origin story comic book about his character called Riddler Year One.

Catch The Batman in theaters now.

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