Concept Art From Ghostbusters Reboot Rises From The Grave


As somebody who had the original two Ghostbusters movies memorized at an early age, you could say that I had waited pretty much my entire life for a threequel. Actually, we kind of got one in the form of a video game nearly a decade ago, but it didn’t solve the problem of not having something to enjoy on the silver screen.

What’s perversely funny about the situation is how much back and forth played out over the decades, only to have a new flick to get off the ground in what seemed like moments after Harold Ramis’ tragic death. Yes, the reboot we received did have its supporters, but in full disclosure, I’d rather not “answer the call.”

Personal opinions aside, I won’t take anything away from the talented individuals who help bring a story to life. As you know, any given film these days is the product of hundreds – sometimes thousands – of hardworking folks at various levels from conception to post-production.

Speaking of which, a generous amount of pieces created by concept artist Tully Summers (Cloverfield, The Dark Knight Rises) recently found their way online, and can be viewed in the gallery above. Upon perusing said images, you’ll find various alternative looks for vehicles and ghosts – including the iconic Slimer. Believe it or not, he could’ve appeared much more grotesque this time around.

Here’s what he had to say regarding that (per Bloody Disgusting):

“This was my Slimer redesign back when the ghosts were more alien. He’s intended to break out of the Gangster ghost. Sliming everyone with his dangling entrails and eating everything with rows of revolving teeth. Production eventually decided to go with the good old classic design from the first film.”

For more looks at Summers’ work on Ghostbusters and various other projects, be sure to visit his Artstation page.