Is This Confirmation Of A Justice League Extended Cut?


A director’s cut of Justice League may be pie in the sky at this point, but that hasn’t stemmed the tide of deleted scenes.

With reports suggesting that Warner Bros. imposed a two-hour mandate on the Zack Snyder tentpole, thereby forcing WB video editors to rein in the supercharged mega-movie to only 119 minutes – a rather slight runtime by today’s standards – DC super-fans have taken it upon themselves to comb the Internet in the search of Justice League‘s scrapped content.

It’s a probe that continues unabated, too, but now we’re learning that we might just get an extended cut of some sort when the pic hits Blu-ray. According to Amazon’s German website, one version of the home video release will be 135 minutes long, which is about 15 minutes longer than what we saw in theaters. While that’s probably not enough for a legitimate Director’s Cut, it does mean that we might get to see at least a few more deleted scenes.

And frankly, that’s better than nothing. After all, there’s no concrete evidence that Zack Snyder’s Justice League cut actually exists. Not only that, but the chances of Warner Bros. releasing an unfinished product are slim to none, so if anything, we’re more inclined to believe that the imminent Justice League Blu-ray will come packing an extended version of the Joss Whedon cut, not the Snyder one. Which is what this listing would seem to suggest.

Either way, until WB makes some kind of official announcement about their plans for the home video release of Justice League, the speculation will only continue to mount. Extended cut or not, though, the film is now up for pre-order over on Amazon, so be sure to put your money down if you hope to take home the DCEU’s latest effort when it drops in March.