The Conjuring 3 Cast Wish To Reunite With Director James Wan

Conjuring 2

With various spinoffs on the way such as Annabelle: Creation, The Nun and The Crooked Man, it should come as no surprise that Warner Bros. are committing to The Conjuring 3, which we learned of just yesterday. Having become the Avengers of this macabre cinematic universe, it’s only understandable that the studio keep pumping out entries in the mainline series for as long as moviegoers continue taking the bait.

Undoubtedly, the powers that be aren’t taking this sequel lightly, and will be doing all they can to assure the franchise remains a box office success. Still, they have a daunting task ahead of them due to having to replace James Wan in the director’s chair.

As it turns out, the acclaimed filmmaker is hard at work bringing Aquaman to the big screen, so it’d pretty much be impossible for him to oversee this flick. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean he won’t return for future installments, but let’s not forget there came a time when he had to step down from two of the other franchises he fathered in Saw and Insidious, so, like it or not, this had to happen at some point.

Still, lead actors Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson have grown attached to Wan and, according to Bloody Disgusting, hope that he’ll return. Regardless of whatever may happen, though, both are reprising their roles of Lorraine and Ed Warren in the next dramatized account of one of their “real life” cases.

That said, we’ll bring you more regarding The Conjuring 3 between now and its arrival in theatres as soon as further updates develop.