6 Great Horror Sequels That Got No Love

3) Day Of The Dead (1985)

Day of the Dead

By the time this zombie film was released, writer/director George A. Romero had more than earned his reputation as the undisputed master of the genre.

Following in the footsteps of classics Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead is no small feat, and the fact that this entry is still generally well-regarded even with that lineage is high praise in and of itself, especially considering it also serves as the last of Romero’s zombie films to date to have that kind of lasting cultural impact.

Centering on a group of military officers and scientists holed up in an underground bunker during the zombie outbreak, Day of the Dead once again demonstrates Romero’s deft blending of social commentary with terrifying thrills and eerie imagery.

Whereas Dawn of the Dead delved into consumerism, its sequel is a critique on the disastrous consequences that come to pass when the human race fails to communicate. Though the film doesn’t loom as large as its two predecessors, Day of the Dead is a can’t-miss movie for even casual Romero fans.