Here’s How Robert Pattinson’s Batman Could Look In Earth 2 Batsuit


It didn’t take long for us to get our first look at the costume Robert Pattinson’s Caped Crusader will be sporting in The Batman, with set photos making their way online that showed the actor’s stunt double kitted out in the full Batsuit almost as soon as the second unit started shooting in the United Kingdom.

Shortly after that, as both a precautionary and reactionary measure, director Matt Reeves swiftly revealed the first official footage of Pattinson under the cowl for the world to see, as well as official images of the former Twilight star next to the Batmobile, presumably because he didn’t want all of the movie’s major surprises spoiled by grainy snaps taken from a distance.

With The Batman set to take place during Bruce Wayne’s second year moonlighting as a costumed vigilante, there’s a certain homemade aspect to the Batsuit based on what we’ve seen so far, which means that it might be getting an upgrade or two as the story progresses like we’ve seen before in previous Batman movies.

The various big screen incarnations of the Dark Knight over the years have drawn plenty of inspiration from the countless Batsuits seen in the comic books and now some new fan art from Kunal Chopra imagines Pattinson kitted out in the Earth 2 variant, which you can check out below.

While we aren’t likely to see such an extreme deviation from the norm in The Batman, the Earth 2 costume was recently added to the Arkham Knight video game for fans that want to see how it looks in motion. And while Pattinson is almost guaranteed to add some new gadgets to his inventory as the odds start to pile up against him, meaning a new Batsuit might be a necessity, it would be safe to assume that if it happens, Reeves will have something a little more grounded and realistic in store than this.