The Batman Fans Are Losing Their Mind Over The Batmobile Reveal


Every now and then, director Matt Reeves likes to detonate the internet by revealing a new sneak peek at The BatmanLast month, he unveiled our first – gloomy, red-tinted – look at Robert Pattinson in the Batsuit. Now, he’s shared our very first pictures of the redesigned Batmobile, which will feature in his movie on social media. And sure enough, as the Joker once memorably said, everyone’s losing their minds.

I mean, look at it. It’s just so beautiful.

The Joker approves.

Some immediately saw similarities to Batmobiles past. Including the model from Batman: The Animated Series…

… And also the classic version from the 60s show.

Even the design from the Telltale games seems to have been an influence. Basically, Reeves and his team have managed to pull off a Batmobile that appeals to pretty much everyone.

Many are especially thankful that it’s not another tank-like car – following the Tumbler of the Dark Knight trilogy and Batfleck’s vehicle.

That suit and that Batmobile. Instantly iconic.

But Batman himself says it best. Yeah!

Previous set photos had revealed Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne driving the Batcycle on the streets of Gotham, which suggested The Batman might not even feature the Caped Crusader’s usual method of transportation. However, clearly we were wrong and it’ll likely just appear a little later into the film. We know that the movie takes place in Bruce’s second year of fighting crime, so it’s possible the Batmobile is brand new and he’s been using the motorcycle up to now.

Of course, longtime Bat-fans may be getting flashbacks to the last time we got a new Batman and Batmobile revealed in a stylish promo image – back when Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was in production. Hopefully, though,The Batman will prove to be more universally acclaimed when it finally hits cinemas in June 2021.

Tell us, though, are you a fan of the new Batmobile in The Batman? Share your opinions in the comments section, Bat-fans.