Netflix Now Raising Subscription Prices In Canada


Netflix don’t tend to put up their prices too often, and when they do, it’s usually a decent amount to pay for a service that delivers a lot of value. We recently looked at how the online giant might be planning to bump up the cost of their average subscriptions, and it now appears that they’re following through, at least in Canada. Based on reports from Bloomberg, Canadians will see changes to the standard and premium Netflix packages.

More specifically, Netflix won’t be changing its basic $9.99 offering, but will be increasing its standard monthly plan to $14.99, and Canadians’ current highest level option to $18.00. Although this only represents a few dollars difference, it will presumably give a significant boost to the company’s revenues. New customers will get these offers straight away, while existing ones will receive 30-day notices before their new bill. To explain the decision, Netflix said that it means they “can invest more in films and shows as well as the quality of members’ product experience.”

Just to recap, then, the entry level deal in Canada gets you just the one device stream and SD quality viewing, while the standard package lets you watch material on two devices simultaneously and provides HD level images. If you’re prepared to splash out on the top tier subscription in Canada, you’ll get four simultaneous streams and 4K, where available.

It’s worth pointing out, then, that while Netflix has, despite COVID-19, been having a great year, making all that original content is costly. Indeed, we’ve seen many high-profile shows get the axe in recent months, suggesting that the company are rethinking some of their strategy after a decade of seemingly being prepared to throw money at multiple big projects. However, even though there were some rumbles last winter about Netflix subscribers cancelling due to high fees, and some more recent controversies, we don’t think these updates will make much difference to people.

What do you think, though, about paying a bit extra for Netflix in Canada? As ever, share your thoughts in the comments section down below.