Could Dwayne Johnson play this X-Men icon? Not if MCU fans can help it

Photo via Warner Bros.

Dwayne Johnson is now looking for a new franchise to headline in the wake of DC sending Black Adam back to his tomb, which means there’s been a lot of increased talk lately that he could hop over to the Marvel universe instead. Although The Rock actually named the character he’d most like to play in the MCU a decade ago, the fans have still floated various other options around, including everyone from the Sentry to the Thing. But this latest pitch might be a winner. If only in terms of the instant revulsion it’s caused in X-Men experts.

Redditor u/toddart bravely suggested on the r/MarvelStudios subreddit that Johnson could be a good fit Colossus in the X-Men reboot, throwing the idea out there that Kevin Feige and co. could reimagine Piotr Rasputin as someone of Samoan heritage instead of Russian. Their argument goes that Johnson has both “the chops” and “the body” to be the best person to bring the metal mutant to life.

So what does the rest of the Reddit community say? Well, you probably don’t need to have the psychic powers of Professor X to guess that the comments to the OP’s pitch were full of horrified reactions to the fan-casting. For starters, many aren’t keen for the MCU to repeat Fox’s mistake of Americanizing Colossus — David Cudmore played him in the original X-Movies.

Others just don’t want to see Johnson in any more comic book films, period. Which is maybe a smart take, considering all his past failures.

Although, one plus side of this casting is he might be the one to finally make a DC/Marvel crossover happen.

Say it louder for the people in the back!

The ultimate reason why Johnson would be the wrong call for Colossus, though, as eloquently argued by one fan, is that simply positioning him as the “strongman” of the X-Men does a massive disservice to his character.

Dwayne Johnson may yet still make it into the MCU, but the message from the fandom is clear: stay away from the X-Men.