Creepy Halloween Clip Debuts Ahead Of Tomorrow’s Trailer


Though 2018 has certainly given me a bunch of superhero movies to look forward to, Blumhouse Productions’ upcoming Halloween sequel has to be among my most anticipated of any genre. I mean, I’ve been a lover of the franchise from a young age, but the fact that this addition to the saga serves as a followup to the 1978 original and disregards tales that have come since leaves me highly intrigued. In other words, I simply can’t wait to see what changes to the mythos have been made, and how the story plays out.

Hey, it can’t get any worse than Halloween: Resurrection, right?

So, despite knowing reshoots are set to occur in the near future, this week has been quite memorable for people like you and I. In addition to the first images taken from the flick being released, the studio has also dropped several teasers in anticipation of Friday’s trailer debut.

Arguably, though, today’s offering could be the best among any of the appetizers served thus far. I say that because we’ve been given a substantial look at Jamie Lee Curtis’ return to the role of Laurie Strode and, believe me, it paints a disturbing picture.

On the one hand, the footage provided speaks to Laurie’s preparedness, should Michael Myers ever breathe free air again. But on the other, it’s quite creepy, perhaps hinting that she isn’t exactly playing with a full deck. Then again, if someone were to survive an encounter with the Shape himself, we’re guessing that it’d leave a mark.

If there’s one thing I hope to accompany the first trailer, it’d be that of a subtitle, as this would mark the third time an entry into the series be titled simply “Halloween.” If not, though, that’s hardly a deal-breaker and you can still expect to see me in a theater on October 19th.

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