Syfy’s New Critters Movie Will Shoot This January In South Africa



Remember Critters? You know, they were kind of like Gremlins but not as good? Well, they’re back courtesy of Syfy, who’s on a mission to resurrect long-dormant horror franchises.

Back in October, they announced their plans to make new movies about cult classics Killer Klowns From Outer Space and Critters. We’ve heard nothing as yet about the former, but it’s sounding as though it’s all go for the hungry, mischievous and toothy space monsters. That’s according to Production Weekly, at least.

They’ve confirmed today that the movie’s set to enter full production in January over in South Africa with Adam Friedlander and Armond Leo producing. As yet, we don’t have any inkling of the plot, cast or directors, but this is Critters, so it’s pretty easy to suss out the gist of what’s going to happen (mayhem, murder and teenagers being menaced).

Fans of the franchise (I assume there are Critters fans, probably drawing terrible fan art, too) will feel as if they’ve dodged a bullet here. After all, there’d been plans to revive the property as an episodic series released to mobile devices, under the name Critters: The New Binge. It sounded like a pretty humiliating end for a decent horror franchise, so I’m glad it’s receiving the full feature film treatment.

When this movie is released it will essentially be Critters 5, with 1992’s Critters 4 generally considered an embarrassment due to its silly outer space setting. Filming in South Africa indicates that this one’s going to be set on Earth, though South Africa’s been standing in for an awful lot of other locations lately, so we can’t say for sure.

No news on a release date, either, but if the pic’s going to be shot next month, I’d imagine it’ll turn up around Fall 2019. More on Critters and the status of the network’s Killer Klowns project as and when we hear it.