Frank Grillo Wants To Play Crossbones Again In The MCU


One of the recurring foes of the Captain America movies is Brock Rumlow. Initially introduced as a corrupt STRIKE agent in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Rumlow ended the film horribly disfigured. Fast forward to Captain America: Civil War and he was now operating as costumed supervillain Crossbones, intent on revenge. However, he swiftly met his end at the hands of his own bomb when fighting the Avengers.

Or did he? While chatting with Syfy Wire at New York Comic-Con, Frank Grillo made it clear that he would love to return to the MCU to play Crossbones again at some point. As for how Rumlow could survive a bomb blast, Grillo reminded us that anything can happen in a comic book movie universe:

“I’m still interested in Crossbones,” Grillo says. “Who knows? I mean, yeah, he was blown up, but they’re comic book movies, so…Hopefully down the road somewhere Crossbones comes back, which wouldn’t be out of the question. I mean, I don’t know when, but it would be cool to do that. I would like to explore more of that.”

Fans will no doubt join Grillo in hoping that Crossbones makes a return. Many were disappointed that the character ended up being dispatched after only a few minutes on screen at the beginning of Civil War. After all, in the comics, Crossbones is one of Captain America’s greatest foes. In particular, he’s known for being (mostly) responsible for killing Steve Rogers. Before Civil War arrived, there were even rumours that Rumlow could take out Chris Evans’ character in the movies as well, but it turns out we were way off on that one.

If he really has said goodbye to Crossbones, though, Grillo said he wouldn’t mind replacing Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton AKA Hawkeye and switch sides to the Avengers.

“Other than that, I would just maybe take Renner’s bows and arrows away,” Grillo said. “I mean, that seems the easiest thing to do.”

In a universe which has seen characters defy death left, right and center, it’s totally possible that Crossbones could be revealed to have survived. Maybe Captain America 4 could even introduce the Masters of Evil and bring him back as one of their members, as per the comics? Time will tell.