10 Marvel Cinematic Universe Characters Who Are Completely Pointless


The Marvel Cinematic Universe has brought us some of the most recognizable, successful and just plain awesome superheroes in the whole of cinema. However, not everyone that the franchise touches turns to gold. It’s only natural that, in the MCU’s increasingly overpopulated movies, some of the characters end up being totally pointless.

Now, we’re not necessarily talking about the worst characters in the MCU – though there is naturally a lot of crossover in this venn diagram – but instead those heroes, villains and supporting players who add practically nothing to the movies they feature in. If someone cut these guys out of their films, no one would weep, or even notice.

To be fair, it’s an MCU staple that characters will make a cameo in an earlier movie before making bigger impacts later on. For example, Everett Ross, Ulysses Klaw, Michelle Jones, etc. In those cases, we’ll let their pointlessness pass. Every other useless character, though, is up for grabs here, so let’s dive right in.