Cyborg Features In New Justice League Deleted Scene


By now, you’re probably aware of how much footage didn’t make it into the version of Justice League we ultimately received in theaters, thus leading to demand that the fabled Zack Snyder cut see the light of day. And while the home video release did indeed contain a few extra treats involving Superman, it’s one of DC’s other heavyweights that we’re here to discuss today.

In this instance, we’ll be talking about Cyborg, whom Ray Fisher brought to life in the ensemble flick. Call me crazy, but I’m glad the actor put a more dramatic spin on the character, one that I personally found to be more befitting of someone rolling with the A-squad. Sure, he may have snuck in a subtle “booyah” at the end, but it was important Fisher not go as over the top as his counterpart seen on the Teen Titans cartoons. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with the animated iteration; it’s just that this was a different ballgame.

Similar to the deleted scene featuring Wonder Woman and Steppenwolf that was floating around last week, the above video lasts only a few seconds, but it’s pretty cool to see nonetheless. In it, Cyborg can be witnessed saying something to Batman as Superman blasts off.

When it comes to whatever Victor Stone had to say, I guess our imaginations will just have to fill in the blanks. For now, we’ll go with “what happened to Clark’s mustache?”

Funny enough, there’s a lot more footage focusing on Cyborg lying on the cutting room floor, as actor Joe Morton (Dr. Silas Stone) recently had this to say about the hero’s original arc:

“Unfortunately, I can’t tell you what [the original story] is because that might end up being in part of the Cyborg movie. Yes, there was a big change once they decided that they were going to do the Cyborg film.”

Admittedly, I’ll believe Warner Bros. are still going ahead with a Cyborg movie when I see it, so for now, I’ll just have to stick with my Blu-ray copy of Justice League. But as always, keep watching this space for more.