Cyborg Will Indeed Be The Third Mother Box In Justice League


If you recall, in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, we got to see the mortally wounded Victor Stone transformed by his father when he unleashed the powers of a mysterious artefact which gave his son a brand new body. At the time, fans wondered if that might have been a Mother Box. It seemed to be a pretty likely theory and now, it’s been confirmed in the pages of Total Film Magazine.

For a while, we’ve known that Justice League will feature a flashback to man, Atlanteans and the Amazons teaming up in the ancient past to take down the villainous Darkseid. From there, they’ll divide his three Mother Boxes between them, and the plot of the movie is likely going to revolve around the titular team attempting to find those before Steppenwolf and his army of Parademons do.

Cyborg essentially being a Mother Box now obviously changes things, though. Like the Vision (who’s powered by an Infinity Stone) in Avengers: Infinity War, his days could be numbered and having him be the target of Steppenwolf would certainly help explain why the young hero decides to join Batman’s Justice League in the first place.

Chances are Cyborg won’t die, of course (he has his own movie on the way in 2020, after all), but this remains a significant reveal regardless, especially as he’s no doubt going to be even more powerful than previously expected and will probably play a pretty pivotal role in Justice League‘s still very mysterious story.