Daisy Ridley Reportedly In Talks To Return To Star Wars

Rey Star Wars

The Skywalker Saga may be over, but we might not have said goodbye to the last Skywalker just yet.

Episode IX left Rey’s story in an open-ended way, with it unclear what was next for the young Jedi now that her enemy/lover Kylo Ren was dead and peace had once again fallen over the galaxy. There’ve been various rumors over the past couple of years, then, pointing to Lucasfilm cooking up some future project that would bring Daisy Ridley back to the Star Wars saga.

Sure enough, a new report from Giant Freakin Robot is claiming that Ridley is currently in talks with the studio to reprise her iconic role. GFR cannot say at this stage what exactly she’s in discussions for, as the nature of the project is unknown, but the outlet is sure enough in its intel that they state that it’s “undeniable” that the Chaos Walking actress is having talks with Lucasfilm about a comeback as Rey.

This report comes soon after YouTuber Mike Zeroh fielded a wild rumor that Disney’s developing a new movie based around Rey and Kylo’s son, who would be the next protagonist of the franchise. That would presumably bring Ridley back in some capacity, but it’s important to note that there’s no connection between these two claims. GFR even speculates that Ridley’s return may happen in a Disney Plus series. Perhaps it might even be for some kind of animated project.

While John Boyega and Oscar Isaac have been pretty dismissive about the idea of heading back to Star Wars, Daisy has seemed more open to it, even saying that leaving the saga was like grieving. So, it sounds like she and Lucasfilm could come to some kind of agreement to have Rey return. For the moment, the Star Wars saga is very much focused on revisiting the Prequel and Original trilogy eras – see Obi-Wan Kenobi and The Mandalorian – but eventually the saga is bound to explore what happens after The Rise of Skywalker.