Dane Cook In Answers To Nothing Trailer

Comedian Dane Cook looks to be returning to the drama genre in Matthew Leutwyler‘s latest film Answers to Nothing. The Film Stage has the first trailer for the film and it sort of feels like a bland drama that tries intertwining several stories to confuse the viewer and possibly cover up the poor acting or lack of direction. Dane Cook doesn’t fit the role at all; but then again, he honestly doesn’t fit any roles in the drama genre.

He was fine in Mr. Brooks, mostly because how little his character mattered and because of how his character was taken out of the film, but other than that, I’d say Mr. Brooks was all Kevin Costner.

Answers to Nothing is a perfect title for this film though because the movie looks like it doesn’t have any answers as to why the trailer is so over dramatic and lifeless.

Dane Cook stars in the film as well as Julie Benz, Elizabeth Mitchell, Zach Gilford and Barbara Hershey. It opens in theaters on December 2nd, 2011.

Check out the trailer below.


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