Is Daniel Bruhl’s Captain America: Civil War Role Finally Confirmed?


daniel bruhl

Next year sees the release of one of the most pumped-up Marvel solo flicks ever to grace our screens, Captain America: Civil War. That descriptor – pumped-up – is especially relevant for Cap’s third outing, as even though it won’t reach the public until May next year, we’ve been told that it’s gonna be good. The volume of aggrandizing sound bites from its stars, supporters and creators is already stacked high. So, with the hype well and truly established, we’ve now evidence of one reason why it might be so darned life-changing…. Daniel Bruhl’s baddie.

Last year, when the actor was cast as the film’s chief villain, there was no further embellishment as to who he might play. A perfect opportunity for comic book fiends to go wild, many speculated that it seemed likely he’d be portraying a megalomaniac Nazi scientist. According to a casting call sheet that’s sprung up online, however, those suggestions appear to be correct, as Bruhl is listed as playing Baron Zemo.

Who is Zemo, you ask? A noted adversary of Cap’s throughout the years, Baron Heinrich Zemo (it could also be his son Helmut) is possibly Cap’s most challenging opponent. Not only does he possess the aforementioned attributes, but his experiments led to the creation of a series of death rays he intended to blow up the world with. An altogether dangerous foe – whether it’s Zemo senior or junior – it will be a blast seeing Bruhl cut loose with the crazy.

Throw in the confirmed facts for Captain America 3 that we already know and it’s no surprise Anthony Mackie was getting over-excited about it last week. From what we know so far, Cap and Tony Stark will be at loggerheads throughout the entire movie, and the cast of characters rivals both Avengers flicks, with Black Widow, Falcon, Black Panther, Crossbones, Winter Soldier AND Baron Zemo all set to appear.

We’ll get to see how Bruhl fares with the rest of the Marvel team when Captain America: Civil War opens on May 6th, 2016.

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