Daniel Craig Reportedly Wanted For MCU Villain Role

He’s just hung up his tuxedo as one of cinema’s greatest heroes for the last time, so could Daniel Craig‘s next move be to play a supervillain instead? With No Time to Die finally in cinemas, that means we’ve officially come to the end of Craig’s tenure as James Bond. Though he’s obviously still got his commitments to the Knives Out films to keep him busy, he’s theoretically freer to hop into another franchise now. Possibly the MCU.

According to Giant Freakin Robot, the 007 star is being courted by Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige to play an unknown villain role in the ever-evolving universe. Craig has been linked with the MCU for a long time. It’s hard to picture it these days, but he was once the top choice to play Thor, with Chris Hemsworth only getting the gig after Craig passed on it. It seems that Feige’s now decided the actor would be best utilized as a bad guy.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about Craig potentially portraying a Marvel villain. At one point, rumors pointed to him being in line to play a rebooted Magneto (see above). GFR can’t say one way or the other whether that’s true or not, but they speculate that he must be up for a very significant role. If Marvel has waited so long to cast him, they’ll be making sure they’re not wasting a talent of his caliber.

Here’s one idea: while we know we’re getting Willem Dafoe back as the Raimiverse’s Green Goblin in Spider-Man: No Way Home, Craig could make for a fantastic Norman Osborn, if Marvel is looking to cast the MCU version. Alternatively, Doctor Doom is someone else who’s coming to the franchise soon. Considering he’s stuck behind a mask all the time, Craig’s signature blue eyes could help give Victor some expression through the metal.

Who would you like to see Daniel Craig play in the MCU? Share your ideas in the comments.