Danny DeVito Is Amazing As Wolverine in New Alex Ross X-Men Art

Wolverine has never looked better than in this rendition of actor Danny DeVito portraying him, as imagined in stupendous new artwork by acclaimed comics illustrator Alex Ross.

The sketch by Ross depicts an imagined movie adaptation of the character starring DeVito as the Adamantium-infused Canadian hero and co-starring the likes of John Hurt, Harry Dean Stanton and Sigourney Weaver. Check out the Tweet below:

In style, likeness and the casting choices indicated, the poster looks something stripped right out from the 1980s. Sadly, this particular cast configuration is unlikely to come to fruition as some of the names mentioned are actors who are now deceased and DeVito himself is in his late 70s.

However, besides his age, DeVito sure seems like a worthy successor to helming the character following the retirement of Hugh Jackman from the role, as DeVito’s height is more closely in line with Wolverine’s, compared to Jackman.

Considering the clawed badass with a penchant for going berserk was himself born in the 1800s, according to the comics, we don’t think DeVito’s age is too much of a disadvantage for portraying the character, either.

Regardless, it will be interesting to see who will play the role now that Wolverine and the X-Men are getting enveloped into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.