Daredevil May Be Getting A New Comic-Accurate Suit In Spider-Man 3


Netflix’s Daredevil has gone down as one of the best comic book shows ever, but there’s one thing that the series never really nailed. DD’s iconic red suit, once it finally debuted at the end of season 1, was then redesigned in the next run in response to fan backlash. That still didn’t do the trick, though, and Matt Murdock went back to his Man in Black look for season 3. If the Hornhead ever returned, then, folks are hoping that Marvel Studios will deck him out with a costume upgrade and thankfully, it seems we may indeed see the vigilante don a new suit in Spider-Man 3.

Countless rumors have pegged the hero for a role in the upcoming threequel and some fresh intel suggests that he’ll have updated threads when he appears. According to sources close to WGTC – the same ones who told us that a War Machine D+ series is in development and that Sif is returning for Thor: Love and Thunder, both of which were correct – when we see the Man Without Fear turn up in Spider-Man 3, he’ll be sporting a very comic-accurate costume.

In keeping with the show’s style, DD’s Netflix suit was more grounded and realistic than the bright red leotard from the page. Notably, the DD logo itself was missing. If what we’re hearing turns out to be correct, though, it could be that Murdock’s new outfit includes the insignia at last. It may also sport a brighter color scheme and a sleeker design. At the moment, however, it’s unclear how it’ll be more faithful to the source material – we’ve just been told that it will be.

As of earlier this month, the rights to Daredevil reverted to Marvel Studios, allowing them to start working out ways to reintroduce him into the franchise. And with Spider-Man 3 now shooting, there’s certainly time to slip Cox in there and keep his involvement a secret.