The Dark Knight Rises Has A Huge Surprise In Store For Us

With The Dark Knight Rises currently in production, news is starting coming to us straight from the set. We’ve heard a lot about the film already but this one is probably the most surprising. Drew At Hit Flix is reporting that a very special guest shot a couple scenes for the film on Monday.

Now before I continue, be warned, this can be considered a spoiler so if you want to stay in the dark (no pun intended), you may not want to keep reading. While there is no official confirmation from the studio on this, we have no reason to doubt it. That being said, without studio confirmation there is always room for skepticism, so take this as you will. Anyways, if you’re ready for this bombshell click below to find out who is going to make a special appearance.

[toggle_box title=”Click to read the new bombshell regarding The Dark Knight Rises” width=”Width of toggle box”]Drew is telling us that actor Liam Neeson was in London to shoot a couple key scenes for the film. It’s not known how big the role will be but he was already in New York as of last night so it was likely only a scene or two that he was in.

Still, this is huge news. His character, Ra’s al Ghul seemingly died in Batman Begins, so the news that he has somehow been resurrected (or maybe he somehow survived/didn’t die in Batman Begins) is pretty exciting. We know that Josh Pence will play a young Ra’s al Ghul but that still doesn’t help us see how Neeson’s character factors into it all. It certainly brings up a ton of questions and the speculation has already begun.[/toggle_box]

Exciting news eh? Once again, it may just be rumors and without studio or Nolan confirmation I wouldn’t stamp it with the 100% true mark just yet. But then again, I have a strong feeling that this could be real. Drew and the team at Hit Flix are usually pretty reliable and I wouldn’t write this off just yet.

What do you think?