The Dark Knight Rises Rumored To Have Visual FX Ending

Here’s an interesting tidbit from the set of The Dark Knight Rises – the film’s ending is going to be done entirely with visual FX.

Okay, before you rip up your tickets in protest, it’s just a rumor. However, it does come from a pretty reliable source. Latino Review has learned that Fredrick Roche, a professional sound recordist and boom operator (according to IMDB) tweeted about the film earlier today.

Roche said,

“#thedarkknightrises technical info: The ending sequence is soo secret that only 5 (Includ Nolan) know it and will be done completely in vfx.”

So how does this guy know this stuff? That we don’t know, but he has tweeted other secrets about the film before. Maybe he’s friends with some of the head techies?

Let’s hope this rumor is false. No one wants the ending of one of the most epic trilogies of all time to look like Shrek. That being said, if Nolan is indeed going for VFX, it makes me wonder, what could he possibly have in store for us?