Dark Phoenix Suffers Biggest Second Friday Drop In Superhero Movie History


When it comes to second weekend drop-offs, no movie is immune to such a thing – even the mighty Avengers: Endgame. At this point, it’s just something we’ve come to expect.

Still, this inevitability isn’t quite the thrashing I thought Dark Phoenix would receive when enduring its cinematic run. Already, we’ve seen it be brutalized by critics, not to mentioned general audiences showing their own subsequent disinterest, thereby causing the flick to debut to the lowest box office opening ever for an X-Men movie.

Now, you probably know where this is going, for the mutants’ latest adventure didn’t fare much better in its second weekend. In fact, it downright plummeted on its second Friday in theaters, thus becoming the worst example of this ever recorded for a big budget superhero picture.

To break down those numbers, Dark Phoenix sank 83.2% from the previous Friday’s earnings. To be exact, it dropped from $14 million to $2.348 million. For those keeping score, that bests Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice‘s 81% dive. Hooray?

When it comes to the second weekend take as a whole, know that $9.1 million were raked in. I guess that’d be fine for something such as an under-the-radar drama, but not for a comic book adaptation that cost an arm and a leg to produce. Don’t forget, Fox is expected to lose $100 million or more on this.

Having sentimental attachment to the X-Men, it’s disappointing to see these events unfold. Regardless, we can take solace in knowing they’ll one day be rebooted in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And despite all this, I’ll count myself among those adding Dark Phoenix to their home video collection. Hey, we can’t leave the set incomplete, can we?

Source: Forbes

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