Dark Shadows Featurette Teaches You A Lesson On Vampire Film History

The full-length trailer for Tim Burton‘s Dark Shadows has already seen the light of day but a new featurette that was released this week is giving audiences a different appreciation for the upcoming film with a bit of a history lesson – vampire film history that is.

If fans aren’t already excited for the collaboration between Johnny Depp and Burton, they might be after watching this brief featurette. The clip covers a quick lesson on the history of vampires in film and even includes some information about the show of the same name that Dark Shadows is based on. At the very least, this featurette definitely reaffirms the quirky history of the pair (Burton and Depp).

Tim Burton is returning to his roots with this dark comedy, very much like some of the earlier collaborations he had with Depp – Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollows etc. Notably, Depp isn’t playing a vampire of the Twilight variety which is a huge relief. Instead, he’ll be bringing a much needed humor to the genre with his portrayal of Barnabas Collins.

Dark Shadows will be in theaters on May 11th, check out the featurette below.

Source: First Showing

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